LED Retrofit

1. Onsite Lighting Assessment

A BreakPoint Energy (BPE) Lighting Expert will visit your facility to perform a comprehensive lighting assessment. All areas of the facility will be documented and entered in our industry leading software. This process is relatively painless, but the following list contains some of the information that we will gather during the assessment:

  • For each room, a description of each fixture/lamp type, wattage, and quantity.
  • Days and hours of annual lighting operation for each fixture.
  • Fixture elevations, control sensors and mounting factors.
  • A copy of the most recent utility bills (required to determine kWh rate, potential savings and rebate/incentive eligibility).


2. LED Retrofit Analysis and Design

The BPE Design Team will analyze the data gleaned from the assessment. Your optimum design and solution will be based on factors that are unique to your situation, such as light quality and your energy efficiency goals and objectives. The design will also take in consideration any available utility company rebates or incentives. Your design and proposal should be completed a few days after the initial assessment, and in some cases, we can turn it around within a day. Damn, we are good!

3. LED Retrofit Proposal and Presentation

This is where we show how awesome and life changing event a LED lighting retrofit can be. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the ROI (Return on Investment) is incredible in most cases. For most projects you won’t have to change out another light bulb for 10 to 15 years, not to mention eliminating those pain in the rear ballasts; this helps keep your team off of those ladders and all while reducing your carbon footprint!

4. You Accept Our Awesome Proposal

We can be flexible here, we have clients who do all of the project at once and others who piecemeal it out over time. We also have clients who do the install themselves (saving more green!) as most LED retrofits are simple to complete. Our proposals are simple, easy to understand, and will provide you with all of the information you need to make the right decision for you and your organization.

5. Retrofit Install

After your approvals, and if applicable utility company approvals have been received, the install is scheduled at your convenience. Our installers will work with your team to make your retrofit as seamless as possible.

6. Invoicing and Utility Rebate/Incentive Paperwork

BPE will process all paperwork with the utility company, and you will pay only the portion that the rebate doesn’t cover.

7. Warranty

All BPE products are UL listed for safety and DLC Qualified for Quality and/or Energy Star Approved. Our warranties are best-in-class and will be communicated during the proposal stage. In the rare instance where a warranty issue arises, your BPE Lighting Expert will handle any warranty issues.