About Us

BreakPoint Energy Group, along with its partners Illumi-Nation and Ioway Energy provide a broad range of energy savings and conservation solutions, including LED lighting retrofits, LED lighting project design and implementation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation/supply, and risk management.

Whether you’re looking for an experienced national LED lighting company or a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Electric Utility Company, BreakPoint Energy has the solution you need.  With national accounts, such as Honeywell, Jones Lange LaSalle, and CBRE under our belt, as well as a plethora of small to medium sized businesses, we bring a wide range of experience and innovative ideas to provide your business or institution with an efficient and practical energy solution.

We are headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, have an East Coast office in Wilmington, Delaware, a West Coast office in Huntington Beach, California and an ever growing sales team that reaches across the U.S. We specialize in developing high ROI projects by helping our clients take advantage and maximize LED lighting and energy incentives and rebates. We currently operate in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and California.  As we expand our reach across the country, we will continue to provide innovative and efficient solution to our clients.

Save, Improve, Enhance and Reduce…The Power of Change…The Power of BreakPoint Energy!